Graffiti Canvas – ‘Rocks van de Rots’

For Rocks van de Rots, a Rotterdam based producer I’ve created this canvas, inspired by the music made by him. After a base of spray paint, I created the fill of the letters with a stencil. After that I did the outlines and some illustrations with Posca Paint Markers.

When Seck Design creates a mixed material canvas, which is called like this because of the different media used (paintmarkers and spraypaint), most of the time he decide to let the painting dry for a couple of months before he will go back to it and put the clearcoat on.

This is also what makes Seck Design special; He will come back to the location where the artwork is hanging, to put the clearcoat on there.

If you want more info on custom graffiti canvases, send Seck a message.