WebDesign – Ropana.nl

Safety company Ropana.nl asked Seck Design to create a website. The website can be viewed through the following link: http://ropana.nl/

We’ve added the domain.. Whats next?

From the creation of a domain name, to getting the website to work in WordPress, adding photos, text and forms, videos… It may be a bit overwhelming if you never build a website before. The internet is getting more important to your brand than ever before though.

Seck Design is capable of helping you with all of that. I can make a logo, business card, flyer design, but we could also update your Facebook page or create a website meeting your needs. All will happen when you are doing other important things for your business.

This website

When you see ropana.nl at first glance, you can easily spot the focus: Business related. Interaction with the customer is minimal, and the website offers a whole lot of information about the company.

There are a couple of pages which are worth mentioning though. The ‘Partners’ page is protected with an password. On the contact page you’ll find a fillable form. On the partners page, the logo’s of some of the collegues of Ropana.

What is this going to cost?

This is the most burning question, offcourse. Seck Design will make you a working website starting at a reasonable price of 1000 euro incl. VAT. If you want to know what Seck Design can do for your company, don’t hesitate to go to the contact page.